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New Moon Sighting


last updated May 30, 2014

3rd Month
began Friday evening, May. 30th

New Moon Report

Third Hebrew Month Begins Friday Night

On Friday May 30, 2014 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The moon was sighted from Jerusalem by Willie and Tina Ondricek at 7:40 pm, from a second location in Jerusalem by Devorah Levine, Jon Jenkins, Jacob Boer, and Katie Jenkins at 7:50 pm, and from Kefar Eldad by Bruce Brill at 7:51 pm. The photo above was taken from Jerusalem by Devorah Levine.

Also seen Friday, May 30th in Bonners Ferry, Idaho from Paradise Valley.
This view is west as the moon began to set.

For information on what happens when cloud cover prevents visibility, go to:
To read more about the new moon in the Tanakh (aka "Old Testament"), go to: